Looking for Professional LED Lighting Services?

LED lights are a long lasting, cost effective way to light up your home, and they’re becoming a more popular option by the day. That’s why we at American Standard have worked over a period of many years into providing quality LED lighting services in the Arcadia, OK area and beyond. Our LED light professionals can take care of everything from installations to repairs and everything in between. Our LED lighting company will even be happy to help you set up various outdoor displays. No matter what, we want you to have the peace of mind in knowing that your electrical renovations are in the hands of professionals.

At American Standard, our professionals are always looking for ways to provide for our community with state of the art electrical services. Part of that is being able to provide a variety of LED lighting services that are guaranteed to keep your home safe and energy efficient. From the moment we arrive, you can be confident that we’re prepared to work and answer any questions.
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LED Light Installation: When to Bring in the Professionals

The main appeal of LED lights is that they make for a great investment. In fact, they should last for around 50,000 hours, or 11 years assuming you used them for 8 hours a day. Often times, LED lights go bad due to local temperature and climate, or simply because they were improperly installed. With American Standard, you are guaranteed to never see a single crooked bulb or exposed wire. In other words, when you get our LED lighting services, you can be sure the job done will be done right the first time.

That all being said, we understand that it can still be helpful for our patrons to not get too ahead of themselves by calling for a non-issue. So, if you’re not quite sure on when to call for professional help, watch out for the following signs that your LED light system might be failing:
  • Flickering or buzzing bulbs
  • Overheating
  • Dark spots on the bulbs
  • Lack of energy efficiency (utility bills seem to increase for no reason).
Need LED lighting services in Arcadia, OK? Then call our team and see how we can help.
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Expert LED Lighting Repairs

There’s no need to second guess that your LED lights are working exactly as they should. Our employees will be happy to help you get to the bottom of any issue. That goes beyond our LED lighting repairs. Throughout the entire process, we will only work to bring you reliable, cost effective services that will not go over budget. That means also providing quality customer service, and prioritizing your convenience. Of course, our employees will keep you updated no matter what happens. That’s why we’re one of the best companies in Arcadia, OK.

Reliable Services from a Trusted LED Lighting Company

You deserve quality LED lighting that can light up your home for years to come. Put your home and utilities in the hands of an experienced LED lighting company. There’s no need to second guess your electrical work when you’re with people have over 30 years of experience under their belts.

Whether you need outdoor or indoor lighting, we do it all. Rain or shine, we’re always ready and happy to work even the toughest jobs. If you have a question about our LED lighting services, visit our contact page or call (405) 315-0222. Ask about our free estimates. If you couldn’t reach our professionals for whatever reason, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We work all over Oklahoma, including:
  • Edmond, OK
  • Deer Creek, OK
  • North Oklahoma City, OK
  • Arcadia, OK
  • Midwest City, OK
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  • Very efficient and professional! Will definitely use American Standard Electric again!

    Celena H. Avatar
    Celena H.

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    Tim C.

    We recommend American Standard Electric. They are professional, prompt and very capable. Thanks American Standard for the great... read more

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    Natalie B.
  • Company put in a generator for home use 2 years ago Justin has come out to service it... read more

    Randy M. Avatar
    Randy M.

    The fine men from American Standard Electric [A.S.E.] who came to my home, Micah and Jeremy, faced and SOLVED a... read more

    John B. Avatar
    John B.

    Really quick response, was able to set an exact time for the call-out (so refreshing) and did a great job... read more

    David C. Avatar
    David C.
  • They were outstanding! Will never use anyone else.

    Teri B. Avatar
    Teri B.

    Responds quickly, professional and Justin is very personable. Highly recommend.

    Christie L. Avatar
    Christie L.

    Very professional and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

    David P. Avatar
    David P.
  • Great customer service, same day, quick and efficient , very friendly , reasonable cost......will definitely recommend to others and will... read more

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    Nancy D.

    Great job repairing a pair of lamps! Justin was prompt, picked up, repaired and delivered my lamps in one day.... read more

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    Janet R.

    Great company! Been using American standard for 10 years !!! Best customer service and appreciate their honesty on scheduling!! They... read more

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    cary s.
  • I have been using American Standard Electric for almost seven years now and have always been happy with the service... read more

    Scott J. Avatar
    Scott J.

    5 star ratingGreat service, arrived on time, crawled into the attic, corrected the problems caused by a previous electrician, fixed two outlets... read more

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    Bruce M.

    5 star ratingAwesome experience!I called, after hours, but didn't have to leave a message because they answered the phone at 8 pm!... read more

    Judy W. Avatar
    Judy W.
  • Arrived promptly and added an outlet for a space heater. Did a neat job and the price was right!

    David P. Avatar
    David P.

    Once again Justin with American Standard Electric has come to my rescue with an immediate electrical repair so we can... read more

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